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March 23, 2015

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Sample Featured Biography


Jane Adams Smith

                                                I got married and have lived in Texas since then. I have

                                                been busy taking care of my family and traveling. I work

                                                for an insurance company.  Look forward to seeing you

                                                all at the next reunion.  

Want to communicate with fellow Vikings online?  Then visit the Vanden Class Report pages by clicking the links listed below. has provided Vanden Alumni with a comprehensive online resource. is not affiliated with Vanden High School or Vanden Alumni.

Each class has its own site that will become a rich, dynamic, online community. What separates this from other alumni sites is that there is no per-person charge for you to participate or to email your friends.  Fees are paid by volunteer contributions.  There are no ads or annoying pop ups.  The screen is dedicated to your class.  There are many features that make this a site you'll want to visit often as more of your friends join in the fun.

Each class can have a volunteer administrator who will have access to special tools to manage your valuable class database.  They can track class members who are located, missing or deceased.  Additional capabilities include monitoring the message board, uploading photographs, and managing the contact database for your Vanden class.  This is an excellent tool for planning reunions.     

Check out Current Class News.  Exchange opinions and stay up to date with the Message Board.  View the Featured Alumni Biography of the day.  Got a cool photo you want to share, a Personal Website, or a Business Website post them in your Personal Profile.  Did you just return from a neat vacation?  Tell us about it!  Proud of how many children or grandchildren you have?  Let us know their names.  Send a birthday greeting to a class member listed in the Upcoming Birthdays panel.  Book and Movie Reviews, Favorite Recipes and Featured Links will also keep one checking in to see what's new.

Go ahead and click on the year you graduated, create your own password, add your name, fill in your profile and post a message for your friends. Now the fun begins.

                                                          Click on the Vanden Class year to view.

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Class Page Tips

When you sign in to your Vanden Class Report web page, please include your email address, mailing address, and phone number. Your street address and phone number information will be kept confidential and is not accessible by other users of the site (just the site administrators).

Your class reunion committee members need this information in order to communicate with you regarding reunions, etc. The only information that will show up on the site is your email address (if you list it) and your city and state.

Please click on My Profile in the upper right corner. Follow the on screen instructions to sign in. When looking your name up, be sure to look for your last name when you were a student at Vanden.  If it is your first visit you will need to create a password.  Once signed in please enter your email address, mailing address, and phone number and fill out the other fields of information that you wish to share with fellow Vikings.

There may be a couple of asterisks in the address or phone fields.  Please remove the ** when you enter your information.

If you desire you may also eliminate the display of your city and state by selecting "NO" on the "Can we Show Your City and State Just for Fun" option within your profile.  We understand and respect the fact that some of you like to keep a low profile.  If this is the case, please be sure to opt out of providing your city and state information.

When you have finished entering your information, be sure to click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen.

If you are having a hard time entering your profile info or if you want email updates, but don?t want your email address displayed on the site, please send your name at Vanden, current name (if different) class year, and email address to:   Please put Vanden Alumni Profile in the subject line of your email message.

Please encourage all Vanden Alumni to register and update their information on their Vanden Class Report web page. Here is a link to where you can see activity on all of the Vanden Class Report web pages:  Vanden Class Report

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